ScholarShift Stories: Kayaking the Cannon River

September 20, 2017

Students spend their Friday morning experiencing wildlife along the Cannon River.

Shattuck-St. Mary’s students took advantage of a beautiful late-summer day and kayaked the Cannon River as part of a ScholarShift module on Friday, September 15.

Led by SSM Assistant to the President Jen Hillesheim, students made their way to Wilderness Park in Dundas, Minn., where they were outfitted with a kayak, personal flotation devices, and paddles before heading out on the serene Cannon River. There, they surveyed the beautiful landscape and floated among the trees and various wildlife for the rest of the morning. 

On a day in which temperatures reached the mid-80s, participating students enjoyed experiencing the outdoors.

“I had a great time with my friends during this module and hope there will be another kayaking module offered next term,” said Benjamin Bian ’19.