ScholarShift Stories: Twin Cities Theatre Tour

September 27, 2017

Students enjoy a walking tour of the Pantages Theatre during a ScholarShift module.

A Shattuck-St. Mary’s contingent paid a visit to the Hennepin Theatre Trust’s State Pantages Theatre as part of a ScholarShift module on Monday, September 25. 

Led by Director of Drama Edward “T” McKinley, the module featured experienced guides that highlighted the architecture, historical facts, and stories regarding the venue as students took a walking tour of the facility.

Students had the opportunity to explore the interior of the theatre in a way that would not be possible during a performance, and experienced the view of a performer on stage during the visit.

This October will mark the 100th anniversary of the Pantages Theatre, which was originally opened as a vaudeville house. Since that time, the Pantages has featured a wide range of movies, music, and theatre shows. 

Click here for showtimes and more on the history of the Pantages Theatre.