ScholarShift Stories: Constructing a Sugar Shack

September 27, 2017

Students construct a storage shed for maple syrup tapping equipment during a recent ScholarShift module.

Shattuck-St. Mary’s students joined together to embark on an outdoor construction project, building a “sugar shack” on the northwest side of campus as part of a ScholarShift module on Saturday, September 23.

Led by Director of Community Life John Blackmer and Math/Science Instructor James Taylor, the SSM trio of Nathan Kraynyk ’19, Corey Taylor ’21, and Paul Wang ’19 learned about the tools and techniques used to construct projects in the outdoors before beginning work on the shack. 

The shack, located in the woods near the current ropes course just west of the Sports Complex, will be used to house maple syrup tapping equipment. It will store an evaporator and all of the tapping equipment that will be used to extract syrup each spring. 

The next phase of the project will occur later this fall, when a paved surface upon which the evaporator will sit is completed in front of the shack.