Do You Know Red Velvet?

October 11, 2017

Karen Son ’18

Wendy (Seung Wan) Shon, the main vocalist of Red Velvet, a popular K-Pop female idol group, is a former student at SSM. She attended SSM from 7th to 9th grade with her older sister, Seung Hee Shon ’10, and left when her sister graduated.

According to “Munjaejuk Namja”, a Korean variety show broadcast on September 4th, 2016, Wendy was born in Seoul, Korea and spent most of her youth in Cheongju, Korea. In 2004, when she was 12 years old, she and her family moved to Ontario, Canada. She went to Richmond Hill High School, located in the town of Richmond Hill. Then she moved to Toronto, a bigger Canadian city. She later moved to Minnesota, United States where her sister lived. She went to Shattuck-St. Mary’s school in Minnesota for two years.

In 2011, when Wendy was 19 years old, she passed a global audition with SM Entertainment,  one of the top three entertainment companies in Korea, which took place in Canada. After two years of practice, she debuted in 2014 as a member of a group named Red Velvet.

When Wendy was at SSM, she earned an award from former President Obama for her outstanding academic excellence and leadership within the community. She won fifth place at the Minnesota Junior High School Mathematics League as well. Also, she received honors and high honors for every term through her 7th to 9th grade. Her name was written up on the Jenkins Head Student in 2009, as well as her sister’s.

Janette Gould-Martin, SSM faculty, remembers Wendy as a good student. In the first year at SSM, Wendy was already magnificent at her English. She was in ESL (English as Second Language) program for only one term under Ms. GM’s directing. According to Ms. GM, she was a hardworking student who received excellent results in academics and arts. She often performed her singing, dancing, acting, and more during school activities, such as Fall/Winter/Spring Family Weekends and pep fests. Ms. GM recalls Wendy singing the song  “Desperado” as a solo. Wendy also had good relationships with her friends and her sister. Her sister, Seung Hee Shon, frequently came to Ms. GM’s classroom and asked about how Wendy was doing in class. Wendy and Seung Hee really took care of each other. To add, their parents often visited Shattuck to make connections with SSM family. From time to time, they went out for dinner with Wendy, Seung Hee, and few SSM faculty.

Wendy can speak four languages; English, Korean, Spanish, and French. On top of her excellent talents in singing and dancing, she can play piano, flute, guitar, and saxophone. Moreover, she is a warm-hearted person who provides kindness and sweetness to people around her.

 When Wendy was 12 years old, she first came to Canada and had hard time speaking and understanding English since English was her second language. However, after constantly practicing, learning, and studying English and other academic courses, she made better and better results. In her 7th grade, the year of her coming to SSM, she finally had a good command of English. She received good reports and awards at SSM due to her constant effort in academic studies, especially English, and other aspects in her life since her living in Canada. She also highlighted that she had so much fun in learning new information and culture in both Canada and United States.