Interscholastic Soccer Season Recap

October 12, 2017

by Lightning Ding ’18

We had a short season this term, which was about only 40 days. Our record this season was 0-7, and the biggest score was 7-0. James Ha ’20 was the best shooter. He scored four goals this season. And in second place was Yujin Goh ’19, who scored three goals, two of them were free-kicks.

At the beginning of this season, almost everyone on the team was not fit enough. Some players were out of shape or injured. So, we were not able to play an 80-minute game in the first two weeks. But all of our opponents started their season one or two months earlier than we did and that made us lose a few games by six or seven goals.

With more and more practice, our players became more fit, and we became able to play with full effort. We were very close to a victory against Learning for Life Academy, the only team that defeated us last year. And we held the best team in the conference, St. Paul Prep, from scoring any goals in the second half. In the last game of the season, our players scored two goals in the last ten minutes of the game when the score was 1-4, and we made it 3-4. Everyone believed that we could score one more goal if we had five more minutes. Just like our coach, Mr. Bailey said, “If we had one more month to play, no one knows how good we could be.”

Even though we had no victory this season, there are still many positive things. First of all, there is the spirit of never giving up. No matter how many goals we were behind, no matter how much time was left, our players were always giving 100% of effort in every game. This spirit can make everything possible, just like how we scored two goals when our last game was almost over, and we nearly tied the game. With this spirit, our team might have lost games, but we were never defeated.

The second thing is that we only had three seniors on our team this year. It means that most of our players will return next year and the structure of team will not have a big change. It will be easier for players to adapt to each other because they have already been playing together for one season.

This is is how I think about our season. We are not satisfied with the result, but we expect and are confident about having a good performance next year. As a senior, I will not be here next year, but I do believe that my teammates and their future teammates will do great next year.

I just want to say one more time, Go Sabres!