ScholarShift Stories: Visiting Cuningham Group

October 05, 2017

Students tour facility and visit with the Cuningham Group, a Minneapolis-based architecture and design firm.

Four Shattuck-St. Mary’s students traveled with Director of weCreate Stephanie Vagle to Cuningham Group, an architecture, urban interior, and landscape design firm based in Minneapolis on Wednesday, September 27.

Students had the opportunity to tour their facility, including the renovation of their main offices, and visit with Jeff Mandyck, principal at Cuningham Group and one of their leaders working on SSM’s campus expansion projects.

Mandyck walked through Cuningham’s design process, and allowed students to observe their architects at work. Participants came away with a greater appreciation for the planning and thought that goes into large-scale design work, and peaked their curiosity in the field of architecture and design.

“One thing I found interesting is that before an architecture design is finalized, it goes through many different steps,” said Frankie Blevins ’19. “Each step has a certain group of people that are specialists in that area. I thought this was cool because everyone plays a different role in creating the architecture plan.”

Julia Park ’19 added ”I was intrigued by the modern designs that Cuningham is currently working on. I like how they plan to add clear glass, but when you turn the switch on, the screen blurs so you can have a private meeting or conversation. I am curious to see how they design the hub so that it feels cozy, but at the same time has a modern style and design.”

Their day also included a visit to the Stone Arch Bridge on a beautiful fall afternoon!