Riley and Ruby

February 16, 2015

Tales of Riley and Ruby.

From Michael Hauer ’20

My dog Riley was always wandering off to follow us. One day we were on the golf course golfing when I saw my dog running up the fairway right at us. I was only three and started to take my swing. When I hit the ball it was right at Riley, and it hit him in the head. Riley was startled and started to shake off the impact.

My other dog Ruby was walking on my counter while I was making waffles. I grabbed a butter knife from the drawer and didn’t close it. Ruby smelled something in the drawer and went int it. I shut the drawer without seeing her. Ruby is a small whisky breed and Riley is a bigger whisky. I was looking for her for an hour until I remembered that I left something in the drawer. When I went to grab it I opened the drawer and saw my dog sleeping in the drawer. It took me two and a half hours to find her.

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    Ruby Hauer