ScholarShift Stories: Thinking Outside the Box

October 23, 2017

Former SSM student Spencer Kuhlman encourages students to “Think Outside the Box.”

Former Shattuck-St. Mary’s student Spencer Kuhlman visited campus on Friday, October 20 to share his vision and journey for THINK, the clothing company he recently co-founded and runs. 

Kuhlman led a day-long module in weCreate, helping students create t-shirt designs in line with his own “Think Outside the Box” logos. After meeting with Kuhlman, students began by sketching their Think Outside the Box logo before bringing those same designs to life in Photoshop. Later, students were able to print and transfer their designs onto provided t-shirts. 

In addition to leading a module, Kuhlman shared his story during the latest “Deep Dive and Dessert” session, where he focused on his own personal business story, his entrepreneurial spirit, and how he’s been able to get THINK off of the ground.

Through the successful marketing of his designs online (using social media tools like Instagram), and collaboration with friends, industry leaders, and influencers, Kuhlman has been able to swiftly spread the word about his business. This positive word-of-mouth and collaborative support led Kuhlman to open a pop-up shop in the New York City neighborhood of Soho this August, with hopes for additional pop-ups in Los Angeles and possibly Minneapolis in the months and years to come.

Kuhlman also developed the THINK website himself, and created the video and featured “lookbook” that introduces the brand online with friends during shoots that he coordinated in Minneapolis.

Looking ahead, Kuhlman is focused primarily on growing the THINK brand, but also hopes to eventually open a permanent physical store at a location yet to be determined.