Unforgettable Cubie

February 16, 2015

Kati writes about how Cubie was a great dog.

From Kati Quigg ’20

My dog died a few years ago. Even though she’s gone I will still always remember her. When she tried to do the salsa with me, to when we played with her chew toys, and when we used to go on long walks listening to Katy Perry songs - I never got another dog after that. It first started when our other dog died. I loved that dog very much. We went to a little dog shop. The only reason I picked Cubie was because I liked her collar. Later I found out that you don’t get to keep the collar. But good thing I made the choice that I did because my years with Cubie are unforgettable. I think that’s the real reason I never got another dog. My dog died when she was four years old.