Herby and Bauer

February 16, 2015

Emma writes about two dogs with different personalities.

From Emma Politoski ’21

I have two dogs. One is named Herby, and the other’s name is Bauer. Let me tell a little bit about both.

Herby is smaller. But he is the older one. Herby is named after a hockey player. Herb Brooks is the guy he is named after. Herby is calm and cute. He is always looking for someone to cuddle up with. He is scared of thunder and lightning. When it is a thunderstorm, someone has to hold him. Because his starts shivering. He loves blankets! Most of the time he steals your seat because it has a blanket on it. He definitely loves everyone and everyone loves him.

Now to Bauer - he is crazy! He is always looking for someone to throw the tennis ball to. Bauer is scared of vacuum cleaners, He always jumps and runs. He loves eating and loves everyone just as much. He is always looking for someone to give him a treat. Bauer is tough on the on the outside but a sweetheart on the inside.