Wearable Wall of Fame

February 20, 2015

Mr. Groess starts a fashion trend at SSM.

They are called “buddy buttons” but to Mr. Groess they are so much more. They allow him to create a distinctively unique backpack - one that has its own acoustic ring as the buttons clang and resonate in the hallways. You know when Mr. Groess is on the move. You can hear his backpack!

The “buddy buttons” also allow Mr. Groess to celebrate his students beyond his math classroom when they aren’t crunching numbers and focusing their brain cells on his challenging equations. 

Over the years, the available space on his backpack has not been able to hold all the “buddy buttons” so Mr. Groess has solved his own problem by creating his own “Button Hall of Fame.”

  • News Image
    Mr. Groess with his one-of-a-kind backpack