ScholarShift Stories: Knitting at Northfield Yarn

January 11, 2018

Students learn knitting techniques and select the materials needed to craft scarves during a trip to Northfield Yarn.

A group of six students traveled to Northfield Yarn on Monday, January 8 to select materials and learn how to construct a basic knitted garment as part of a ScholarShift module.

The module was led by Ms. Stelter and Ms. Parrish, who helped teach participating students how to execute the two most common knitting stitches before getting started on their garments. Each student created and will continue to work on a wool scarf. 

The module will continue with two additional sessions in the Hirst Library on January 12 and January 17, where students will complete their items.

For more on Shattuck-St. Mary’s innovative ScholarShift® program, click here.

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