Deep Dive and Dessert Explores the Artistry of Snow Sculpting

January 19, 2018

Mr. Klett shares how he’s used his skills as a competitive snow sculptor to bring awareness to the fight against MS during latest “Deep Dive” session.

Sports Complex staff member Mr. Klett shared the art form of competitive snow sculpting during the latest “Deep Dive and Dessert” event in weCreate on Wednesday, January 17.

Accompanied by several large handsaws and other sculpting tools, Mr. Klett shared his ability to transform 8’ x 8’ x 8’ cubes of hardened snow into elaborate structures, both in competition and as a neighborhood attraction.

Klett, who suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS), also detailed how he uses his skills as a sculptor to raise awareness and support in the battle against the disease. Mr. Klett has competed at the St. Paul Winter Carnival for several years, garnering a number of awards for his snow sculpting artistry.

His designs have included a shark taking a bite out of MS, popular comic book character “The Hulk” crushing MS with his hand, characters from the popular Minions movie, and much more. During the presentation, attendees also enjoyed strawberries and cheesecake as Mr. Klett’s dessert of choice.

Mr. Klett will also lead a snow sculpting module for interested students next week, culminating with a visit to the Carnival on January 31.