“The fresh air will do you good.”

February 23, 2015

Mr. Varley is a committed year-round cyclist. He writes about why he enjoys his daily ride.

“There is a Norwegian term, Friluftsliv loosely translated means “free air life” or simply being outside is good for you, regardless the season. This is something I have practiced all my life and is the reason why I continue to cycle throughout the Minnesotan winters. Needless to say riding this time of year requires special preparation; lights and warm clothes, but the effort is worth it. Minnesota has a different kind if winter beauty and the change of seasons is wonderful to experience. The personal benefits are limitless; health, fitness, a sense of calm after a long day. I am at my best, both in and out of the classroom, when I am able to ride and that alone makes it worth the effort.”

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    Mr. Varley ascends the Parshall Street Hill during a winter's evening trek.