ScholarShift Stories: Cooking with Plant-Based Protein at Ruf Acres

January 24, 2018

Students learn how to source and cook plant-based proteins at local market.

Students visited Ruf Acres in Faribault on Friday, January 19, where they learned the difference between plant- and animal-based proteins, the best sources of plant-based protein, and how to combine sources to meet their body’s needs as part of a ScholarShift module.

Students also learned how to choose which raw or cooked plants should be considered to understand and preserve the nutritional value of plant-based protein sources as part of their diet during their visit.

Following this teaching session, participants prepared and enjoyed a meal with Ruf Acres owner and chef Ramon Rguez-Carrion.

Chef Rguez-Carrion is an organic food connoisseur from London who has brought years of retail experience and cooking expertise to his Faribault store. In addition to the store, he also runs Faribault’s Ruf Acres Farm.