SSM Basketball Roundup

February 08, 2018

by Lightning Ding ’18

All three SSM basketball teams played on Friday, February 2. Varsity and JV boys both played away games against North Lake Academy, while the Varsity Girls played Community of Peace Academy in a home game. Both Varsity and JV Boys also played home games against AFSA on Tuesday. The Girls team was supposed to have a home game on Monday but it got canceled.

Varsity girls lost their game on Friday, 39-11. This was better than games before, and it shows that although the team is young, they are improving and their performance is also getting better. The biggest difference that can be seen from the final score is that they did much better on defense. Their opponent scored almost 20 points less than teams they played in the three previous games. However, while the Varsity Girls were better at stopping their opponents, they only had two players score in Friday’s game. If more players can improve their ability to scoring points, they will be a very strong team in the future.

During the games last Friday, the JV boys showed big improvement to their defense. Their 2-3 zone defense made North Lake players struggle to score as easily as the first time they played. Even though the JV boys still lost the game, 47-22, it’s good to see their improvements. The JV team of ASFA was better than North Lake’s JV, so our boys had a hard time in the first half of Tuesday’s game. They only got six points in the first half and were a little disorganized on both the offense and defense side. They did better in the second half and scored 18 points. They lost 35-24 in the end. Steve Song ’19 scored eight points, which was the most on the team.

The Varsity Boys were defeated, 54-51 last Friday. The score was close for the entire game, as both teams are on the same level. SSM was better at rebounding, as Kenny Jiang ’18 got 13 rebounds, the most on the team. Peter Xiong ’20 also got 12 rebounds, and Matt Cooper ’19 got nine. North Lake players gave lots of pressure when SSM players were on offense. They also had a good three-point shooter who scored many points in the first half. Varsity players did well guarding this player in the second half, but they were still defeated after missing a three-point shot at the buzzer.

During their home game against AFSA on Tuesday, the Varsity Boys won, 57-46. SSM players stopped missing lay-ups and kept getting points. Jared Hodge ’19 turned every chance he got to score; out of 30 points the team netted in the first half, 16 points were secured by him. AFSA’s point guard was also good at shooting three-pointers and scored many points for AFSA in the first half. But in the second half, the point guard of SSM, King Liu ’18, did a great job of guarding this player and gave him no chance to make his three-point shots. It was a good win last night, but Coach Miller knew it wasn’t enough. In practice on Wednesday, he pointed out that the boys had eight turnovers and 11 missed free-throws. “We need to do better than that, or the better teams will beat us,” said Coach Miller at practice.

The next game for the Varsity Boys will be an away game against AFSA next Thursday, followed by another game on Friday against Calvin Christian. The JV Boys will play on Friday, too. The next girls game will be at home against Hope Academy on Friday, February 9.