ScholarShift Stories: Producing Jewelry at Glass Garden Beads

February 20, 2018

Students develop, create, and market jewelry items as part of product development module.

Under the direction and expertise of Suz Klumb, owner of Glass Garden Beads in Faribault, Shattuck-St. Mary’s students engaged in a full day product development ScholarShift module on Wednesday, February 14.

During the module, participating students learned how to develop and market a design from idea conception to the sales floor. Each student developed a jewelry prototype and created a ‘recipe’ so that it could be broken it down into a kit so that customers could recreate the product.

“I decided to design an anklet based on a nature theme,” Lucy Hong ’19 said. “I used acorn and starfish charms, and white, blue, and green wax linen which reminded me of the ocean. I really enjoyed this experience and learned a lot.”

Later, students created directions for constructing their product and were then divided into two groups to work on fulfillment and the launch of the products online.

“One of the most useful things I learned during the visit was the process of marketing the earrings that I designed and packaging them,” said Emma Yan ’18. “Each chain, bead, and pendant has a price, and these add up to the market price of the jewelry kit.”

Glass Garden Beads is promoting the products through June, with 50 percent of the sales from the student-created kits being donated back to SSM for school programming.

“From this module, I got to participate in the process of making jewelry, which resulted in a lovely pair of earrings,” said Alice Zhong ’19. “Today was a happy Valentine’s Day!”