National History Day 2018

February 23, 2018

Middle School students display their research projects for National History Day 2018.

SSM 7th-grade students showcased their National History Day 2018 projects during an exhibition on Thursday, February 22. Focused on this year’s theme of Conflict and Compromise in History, students presented their research in the form of websites, exhibits, and performances. 

Following Thursday’s preliminary event, qualifying students can advance to regional, state, and national competitions. Congratulations to the following students on their excellent research projects:

Aaron Wang ’23 - “The Bombing of Hiroshima”

Lucia Engelhardt ’23 - “The Romanov Family Execution”

Austin Guidone ’23 - The Split of Korea into North & South

Giulietta Vartanian ’23 - “The Armenian Genocide”

Rilyn Rintoul ’23 - “The Berlin Wall”

Aaron Sawicki ’23 - “The Cuban Missile Crisis”

Jack Hickey ’23 - “The Radium Girls”

Aiden Williamson ’23 - “Joan of Arc”

Andrew Politoski ’23 - ” Milwaukee Police Station Bombing”

Tyler Schommer ’23 - “The Munich Massacre”

Penelope Parrish ’24 and Emmet Furlong ’23 - “Kristallnacht”