SSM’s Sugar Shack

March 26, 2018

Finding our way out of winter on a very sweet path!

The SSM Sugar Shack is here! For the first time in recent memory, SSM is making maple syrup from its rich source of trees around its campuses. 

Campus naturalist John Blackmer is directing the collection and boiling operation that is based out of a newly constructed sugar shack behind the Dane Family Fieldhouse. He has involved his Ecology students and a cadre of other committed adults to lend a hand. According to Mr. Blackmer, former SSM faculty member and renowned naturalist Orwin Rustad previously had his students involved in maple syruping. He says that there is something incredibly satisfying about the process of making maple syrup. “There is this connection between the land, the trees, and the history that makes this time of syrup production so satisfying and spiritual.”

The maple syruping process is expected to continue for the next week or two.