Welcome to Spring Term!

March 10, 2015

From Amy Wolf, Director of Marketing and Communications

I watch for them every spring.

And, every spring I am awestruck by their beauty.

It is like waiting for the finale in a fireworks show - you know it’s coming and each time there’s a big boom and a bright splash in the sky after minutes of watching, you wonder if this one will trip the switch on that ultimate frenzied ending.

Because you know there WILL be a finale and it WILL be spectacular. It might even take your breath away.

This is one annual ritual I love about Spring Term - waiting for the Shumway trees to burst open and pour out their gorgeous pinks and magentas. Because even as the term starts and it’s still white and cold, we KNOW that those trees WILL bloom. And, they will likely take our breath away.


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    Watch for this annual sign of spring!