Nick Stoneman and Courtney Cavellier Present at NAIS National Conference

March 11, 2015

Nick Stoneman and Courtney Cavellier were in Boston to present at the National Association of Independent Schools conference.

Boston, MA- Shattuck-St. Mary’s Associate Head of School for Academics, Courtney Cavellier, and President Nick Stoneman co-presented a workshop on “Blended Learning in Independent Schools” at the NAIS National Conference on February 27. The conference, held in Boston, MA, focused on design thinking and blended learning to prepare administrators of independent schools to impact students. 

Shattuck-St. Mary’s has been a national leader in blended learning since 2008. Our Blended Learning model is designed for the Upper School student (grades 10-12). Classes have formal, required meeting times on Tuesday and Thursday and teachers develop online tools to teach the curriculum, offering students greater time flexibility to pursue activities such as internships, specialized research, community outreach, and weCreate projects. 

  • Nick Stoneman and Courtney Cavellier get ready to present a Blended Learning Workshop at the NAIS Conference in Boston, MA