ScholarShift Stories: Interviewing Skills 101

April 18, 2018

Learning the art of interviewing and strong first impressions

Soft skills are the new hard skills! Employers are seeking persons with not only the technical skills and knowledge to perform a job, but they are equally, if not more so, interested in hiring persons who are team players and rapport-builders, with the social graces and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in today’s global marketplace. On April 11, Kim Purscell, founder of Etiquette Matters in Owatonna, Minn. was on campus to teach soft skills related to job interviewing.  About 16 students took advantage of this module that covered such topics as: 

•   Preparation for an interview

•   Personal appearance

•   First impressions

•   Proper business introductions

•   Proper responses to business introductions

•   Remembering names

•   Proper handshake and eye contact

•   Appropriate body language

•   Post-interview thank you