Genevieve Andreas


Upper School Office


Upper School Office


Weekend Duty Team

Family and Pets

My parents live in Florida in the winter and Minneapolis in the summer (lucky!), and my brother and sister-in-law live in Golden Valley.

Favorite Place on Campus

Newhall Auditorium–it’s so beautiful, and so many interesting things happen in it! I love to watch the student groups perform, as well as the Senior Speeches.

Favorite Book

Small Gods, by Terry Pratchett

Inspired By

The birds that show up on the bushes outside my office window (especially in the middle of winter). Any of my problems are small potatoes compared to being a little ball of fluff in the middle of a snowstorm, and they don’t seem to be complaining.


Knitting, reading, trivia night with my friends in Minneapolis, and playing tabletop RPGs. I am also a member of Beau Chant, a choir based in Faribault, which is a lot of fun!