Lonnie Schroeder


Director of Institutional Advancement


Institutional Advancement


I am the “captain” of Duty Team One. We are on duty from Friday to Sunday every fourth weekend.

Family and Pets

My family of birth and that of my late husband’s are spread out around the US and the globe. I love having my nieces and nephews come to visit and it is great fun to show-off SSM and what a great place it is. For me, I feel such a connection to the community of people that comprises SSM that I can say these people are truly family as well.


Favorite Place on Campus

I love the courtyard between Dobbin and Johnson. I think is is so beautiful and I feel like it is the place on campus where our heritage meets our present and our future. So symbolic for a school that values all three of those things.

Favorite Book

I Captured the Castle by Dodie Smith

Inspired By

The people I work with, my parents, my brother, my husband.


When I am not working I enjoy reading, traveling and speding time with friends

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