Emily Mjelleli


Director of Nursing


Health Services

Family and Pets

I grew up in Faribault and my family still lives in town. My mom, Mary, is a retired school teacher and my dad, Sean, is a HR consultant. My brother, Pat, lives in town and is in motorcycle sales.  Recently engaged to Mario Mjelleli while in a hot air balloon ride in Australia. I have a Persian cat named Pinkles.

Favorite Place on Campus

Kramer House (my office) as it is has a great welcoming atmosphere. Cookie Monday’s aren’t bad either!

Favorite thing to do in Faribault

I love to go to the local farmer’s market, have dinner at the Depot with my family, and walks on campus.

Inspired By

My trips to Europe! I travel to different European countries each year. So far, Rome has been my favorite. So many inspirations: the architecture, artwork, and not to forget, THE FOOD!


I love to scrapbook. I have a huge scrapbooking studio in my apartment and enjoy making a book for every country I have visited.

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