Cat Hayward


World Languages

Courses Taught

Latin I, Latin II, Latin III, Advanced Latin, French I, Exploring World Languages


Quiz Bowl & Prom Committee

Date Began



Andreas House on Monday nights

Family and Pets

I am from a small family based in rural Missouri. My parents have lived all over the world, and most of my family still lives in Hawaii and California. We prefer the quiet living of southern Missouri! Here in Minnesota, I have an energetic dog named Henry, and two cats named Sammy and Finnegan.

Favorite Place on Campus

The benches behind Johnson Armory: I really enjoy the sitting area next to the Andreas Outdoor Classroom. I love walking my dog and taking a break at the benches to admire the scenery – and it’s a great spot to see stars in the evening!

Favorite Book

Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

Why I love to teach

I love interacting with students and helping them understand new concepts, but more importantly - every day is entertaining when working with kids. I haven’t had a single day of work where I didn’t laugh or smile.


Pokemon. Say what you will, it’s great, and I gotta catch ‘em all! I enjoy completing crossword puzzles, and do about 5-7 crosswords a day. I also enjoy reading, television, and - in true southern style - making snacks and beverages for anyone that comes over.

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