Jason Langevin


Assistant Director of Middle School, Mathematics Instructor



Courses Taught

Algebra I and Advanced Algebra II



Date Began



Weekend Duty Team

Family and Pets

I am married and have two children, both are students at Shattuck-St. Mary’s.

Favorite Place on Campus

Newhall Auditorium because it is simply an amazing space.

Favorite Book

The Grid by Philip Kerr

Why I love to teach

I love giving the kids the ground work for future success. I tell my students that I do not control the type of student that enters my class but I do have an impact on the type of student that leaves it. I hope that I open students eyes to the vast opportunities that they have if they are willing to challenge themselves.


If I am not teaching, I love spending my time with my family and watching the activities that my kids are involved in. I also enjoy playing sports both competitively and recreationally.