Don Scheel


English Department Chair



Courses Taught

British Literature, AP English, Literature and Composition


Boys Basketball

Date Began



Monday evening Campus Supervisor

Family and Pets

Mrs. Scheel and I have been married for 16 years. We have a son, Robert, and a daughter, Elizabeth. 

If you see my name on the Shattuck Football Hall of Fame board, you should realize that Don Scheel is my father - a three sport athlete from the class of 1956.

Why I love to teach

I love teaching at S-SM because all of my students have a passion about at least one aspect of their lives. It may not be for my subject, but I enjoy the challenge of tapping into that passion to get them excited about Shakespeare or other great writers.


Taking trips with my family, be it day trips around southern Minnesota or cross country road trips. Reading, biking, and swimming.

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