Karin Mahler


Facilities Coordinator and Student Transportation Coordinator


Facilities & Grounds and Student Transportation

Family and Pets

Mel Mahler – SSM Boys Soccer U16 Head Coach

Zoe Mahler – Junior at Principia College

Nash Mahler – Senior at SSM, Boys Soccer and Engineering COE’s

Marlie Banx Mahler – adorable ‘tripawed’ dog

Favorite Place on Campus

The exterior walkways/benches between buildings. The areas between the gym and Shumway, and along Kingham, WeCreate and Fayfield are beautiful and calming.

Favorite thing to do in Faribault

Supporting our SSM sports teams!

Favorite Book

The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho


Officiating volleyball matches, creating SSM quilts, organizing (anything from locker rooms to homes), and going to IKEA!!  My favorite quote says it well, “All I wanna do is make stuff and love people.”

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