Janette Gould Martin ’75


English & ESL Instructor



Courses Taught

AP Literature and Composition, World Literature, ESL Seminar


Wooden Soldiers

Date Began



Andreas Dorm Parent

Family and Pets

My family is primary to me. Growing up, I had four brothers and three sisters. Our sibling life has been fractioned, and there’s only one-half of us still in the here and now. My brothers are so very important to me. My sons, Dustin G. Martin, Caleb Gould Martin, and my daughter, Mikinna R. Martin, and their beloveds – Eden, Lincoln Stephanie, Grace, and Archer – are my beloveds. All but my daughter reside in Grand Junction, CO, where I own my home and spend my summers and breaks.

Favorite Place on Campus

My favorite place on the Shattuck-St. Mary’s campus is the St. Mary’s Hall parlor.  I love it because it resonates with memories for me. I can envision my mother with her best friend Margaret and my great aunt with a group of girls discussing a book she loves. I can see my sisters, my daughter, and even myself. The décor has changed, but the comfort and joy have not. I love this room. 

Favorite thing to do in Faribault

I like walking! Faribault is beautiful and safe, be it hiking through campus woods or walking through our downtown.

Favorite Book

I have a hard time thinking about my favorite book. I think the play I most love is King Lear. We know its timeless appeal. I love, forgive, understand and identify with that old man Lear. I first read it as a student here, and it was the first Shakespeare play I ever saw performed – at the Guthrie. I read a lot, and so, often, I think my favorite book is the one I am reading now. I have read nearly everything Murakami and Jayne Anne Phillips has written … and Yu Hua’s To Live is a favorite, too. 

Why I love to teach

I love to teach because every day brings a new question, an interesting thought, a sudden realization - many, many of them for me. I love sharing the beauty of the English language and its masters.


I love the performing arts – theater, opera, dance, concerts. I love to travel. I love dogs. I love architecture and art. I mostly love the people in my life.