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Application materials will be received thru 4:00 p.m., Monday, June 21st or until the position is hired.


Founded in 1858, Shattuck-St. Mary’s School (SSM) is an Episcopal, college preparatory, boarding/day school serving 500 students from 37 states and over 30 countries. Set on a beautiful 250-acre campus south of Minneapolis/St. Paul in Minnesota, SSM offers a mix of traditional and progressive education for boys and girls in grades 6-12, plus a postgraduate year. By cultivating creative and independent thinking, SSM fosters the transformation of its students to become citizens of integrity for an ever-changing world.



SSM is searching for a full-time faculty member to serve as ScholarShift Dean. ScholarShift is the name of our philosophy and programming focused on student-designed educational experiences. ScholarShift was established to help our students step out of their comfort zone and learn more about themselves before they head off to college. Students choose their own path through this rich curriculum, reflect on who they are as people, as learners, and as leaders, and engage deeply with ideas and problems they see in the world today.

In order to help students experience the true benefits of the ScholarShift philosophy, we established a weCreate Center, which is an exploratory space that stresses creativity, collaboration, and innovation. ScholarShift and weCreate share resources, programming, and staff with daily collaboration between the two. Please see above hyperlinks for more information about each program.


Position Description:

The ScholarShift Dean is responsible for all educational and organizational aspects of ScholarShift: curriculum objectives, program design, supporting and mentoring students, and working with advisors and deans. We are looking for someone with teaching experience, deep educational background, and a demonstrated interest in – and knowledge about – project-based learning, experiential learning, and/or independent student work. The Dean will work closely with other members of the ScholarShift team, as well as department chairs, advisors and class deans, and school administration. ScholarShift is still a relatively young program and requires ongoing evaluation and adjustments, so flexibility is key to this position. This person will be the face of ScholarShift at our school and therefore must be able to:

  • Talk and teach about ScholarShift and blended learning in a way that helps all constituent groups understand and engage, including current and prospective parents.
  • Provide leadership in this area of education at our school, including leading training and professional development sessions for faculty and staff.
  • Work effectively with all kinds of students, including management of their progress and performance.
  • Stay positive and solution-oriented in the face of the challenges that new programs and implementation sometimes experience.
  • Reflect, evaluate, and improve this signature program, including helping to develop a long-term vision.

As the lead ScholarShift educator, this person will be responsible for the following student experiences:

  • Collaborating with the weCreate Director in planning and implementing a Sophomore Year ScholarShift Experience through the weCreate Center.
  • Leading the Junior Year ScholarShift Experience, a set of three modules, in collaboration with a small team of colleagues.
  • Coordinating the Senior Initiative ScholarShift Experience (i.e., each senior designs and completes a year-long learning experience) with a small team of colleagues and student advisors.

Candidate Qualifications and Profile:

This position is ideal for a highly motivated individual who is excited to teach and mentor students working on independent projects, and develop curriculum in a boarding school environment. The position requires a willingness to work collaboratively, think creatively, be flexible and open-minded, and teach innovatively in a variety of settings.

  • Master’s degree in Education or other relevant field preferred.
  • Experience teaching in a classroom setting as well as mentoring and coaching students working on independent projects.
  • Excellent formal and informal presentation skills.
  • Self-motivated, organized, and collaborative.
  • Passionate about teaching and working in an innovative educational environment.
  • Demonstrated interest in student-driven work, willingness to model trying and learning new things, and appreciation for creativity and innovation.
  • Philosophical alignment with ScholarShift and weCreate.

As SSM is a boarding school, the ScholarShift Dean will have residential life responsibilities.


In support of its pursuit of academic and scholarly excellence, Shattuck-St. Mary’s School is committed to creating a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff that is dedicated to the fundamental principles of equal opportunity treatment in education and employment regardless of age, color, disability, gender identity, national origin, political ideology, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status. The school encourages applications from individuals whose differing backgrounds, beliefs, ideas, and life experiences will further enrich the diversity of its educational community.



Email resume and cover letter to: Erin Sellner, Human Resources Director, [email protected] (507)333-1613. Application materials will be received thru 4:00 p.m., Monday, June 21st or until the position is hired.