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Head of School Welcomes Students Back to Campus

Head of School Matt Cavellier anticipates the first big snowstorm of 2021 as students arrive back on campus.

Greetings from Faribault!

As I write, we are awaiting the first significant snowstorm of 2021; it looks oddly peaceful outside. Inside our buildings, things have been a bit more lively. It has been nice to have students back on campus, and coaches, teachers, and students alike are all ready to get back to the grind that is winter term at Shattuck-St. Mary’s School. We are definitely ready to get moving.

There is certainly much going on outside our SSM bubble, from COVID-19 to the transfer of power, and we anticipate that our students will continue to look for opportunities to talk about their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. We will continue to provide opportunities for small group discussion as we look to continue to support all of our students through some tumultuous times.

I look forward to the promise that a new year brings, and I wish you all a happy and healthy 2021.

Stay safe,