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  • October 18

    Exploring Minnesota

    SSM’s 6th and 7th graders learn in Eagle Bluff’s great outdoors.
  • October 15

    We work.

    We work. It’s who we are. It’s in our DNA.
  • October 11

    Senior Speeches: Brooke Volpe ’19

    My time spent with my sisters has been quite the rollercoaster, but I have been taught lessons that I will bring with me throughout my life. 
  • October 4

    BioScience Bloggers: Grace Hong ’19

    ”It was surprising to learn how even a little judgement and assumption can lead to huge inequality and an ethical problem.”
  • October 4

    Senior Speeches: Kate Reilly ’19

    Scott reminded me to have fun and to be excited about what I love. He taught me to push myself and to be passionate. 
  • October 4

    Senior Speeches: Brooke Bink ’19

    Even though it was a short period of time, I will forever be grateful for the time I spent with Darian.
  • October 1

    Perspectives on Beginning a New Year

    We are all here to continue to learn, to continue to grow, to continue to stretch ourselves beyond our long-nurtured perspectives. 
  • September 27

    Senior Speeches: Hannah Bilka ’19

    To me, change meant growing up. It was a sense of maturity, and discovering the values and priorities in my life. 
  • September 27

    Senior Speeches: Gavin Pankey ’19

    Shattuck has given me so many things to be thankful for. A better team for me to play on, a better education for myself, and a brighter future. 
  • September 27

    Senior Speeches: Jayden Price ’19

    The community of Shattuck-St. Mary’s is like none other. The unconditional love and support from everyone really shows what kind of people we are and I’m proud to call this place my second home.
  • September 27

    Hands Across Faribault 2018

    Our 8th annual morning of service to our community.
  • September 25

    Founders’ Day Reflection

    As SSM’s Founds’ Day speaker, Fred Krahmer ’88 shares his thoughts about giving of one’s time, talents, and resources.
  • September 20

    Senior Speeches: Derek Hessinger ’19

    But other than finding out that we all don’t speak the same, you start to understand what makes you, you. That’s where SSM allows really you to grow.
  • September 20

    Senior Speeches: Hannah Rahn ’19

    Through my excessive studying, I reassure myself that I most likely will not fail. In the end, I do get great grades, but I often miss out on life.
  • September 20

    Senior Speeches: Grace Hong ’19

    Take the opportunity to do random things, whether it’s in modules and service projects or somewhere else, go out, engage, and come back with anything you learn from the experience. It can be good or bad. Either way, you learn.
  • September 18

    BioScience Bloggers: Hunter Zamzow ’19

    “My senior class reviewed and learned about how to tell the difference between the right and left sides of the heart, located the mitral and tricuspid valves, and some of us even found the coronary artery, which delivers oxygenated blood to the heart muscle itself.”
  • September 18

    Great Addition to SSM Hockey Staff

    Artem Shlaine ’20
  • September 18

    BioScience Bloggers: Hannah Rahn ’19

    “The tradition includes practicing our handshakes while introducing ourselves. This can be a little awkward whether it is someone you just met or with your one of your closest friends; however, it is essential as we meet people and want to make a good first impression.”
  • September 13

    Senior Speeches: Nate Hillesheim ’19

    If you take Latin 5, don’t just hang out with the other students in Latin 5. Seriously. I’m the only student in Latin 5 this year, and hanging out by myself after school has been a complete disappointment.
  • September 13

    Senior Speeches: Ricquie Chen ’19

    I believe all of you have something you can learn from a hobby, an interest, a sport… bring what you have learned to your life. Every fall means something. You stood up, you learned, and you kept on going. 
  • September 13

    Senior Speeches: Sydney Breza ’19

    I have spent countless hours on the “how, why, what and what if” that surrounds this particular tragedy, but today as I am standing here, I believe that experiencing this life-changing event the way that I have has ultimately made me a better person, friend, student, sister, daughter, and even acquaintance.
  • September 13

    Senior Speeches: Darius Bell ’19

    I missed the days that we were the twins everyone thought of as the same person, right down to our names. I still do miss those times, but I now value the lessons that being away from him taught me. 
  • September 12

    Best Practices for Protecting Children

    Francey Hakes was back at SSM to work with both the school community and educators from the Faribault area on how to best keep students safe.
  • September 7

    Senior Speeches: Currie Putrah ’19

    This may be my most valued learning from my time here at SSM - that life is not just about the “what” and what we may achieve, but it is equally about the “how” and how we get those things done. 
  • September 6

    Senior Speeches: Yingche “Kevin” Liu ’19

    I don’t know what my future will be and which college I will finally end up at, but at least I know I already have walked this far step by step with no qualms upon my heart. 
  • September 6

    Senior Speeches: Maggi Quigg ’19

    There’s only one of each of us, so don’t rob the world of who you are because you stay in your box. Step out, notice the life around you, and shine a light so bright, it makes the stars envious.
  • September 6

    Senior Speeches: Quin Frazier ’19

    I am telling you this story because I have come to the realization that Julian was a blessing to me, all be it too short, and that I will cherish him and miss him for the rest of my life.
  • August 27

    Welcome to SSM!

    Meet new members of our faculty and staff.
  • August 22

    How I Spent My Summer 2018

    Members of the SSM community share some of their favorite summer memories.