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  • December 10

    Naso, Uyi. Well done.

    Uyi Omorogbe ’15 returned to Shattuck-St. Mary’s and the weCreate space that inspired him.
  • December 6

    Senior Speeches: Maddie Hickey ’19

    We cannot let what we go through define who we are, but instead let it shape us into who we are becoming.
  • December 6

    Senior Speeches: Ben Bian ’19

    My personality and hobbies may sometimes conflict, but ultimately they combine to create my life. Without these counterpoints I am not myself. 
  • December 6

    Senior Speeches: Trevor Prince ’19

    Now in my senior year, I look back on my four years at Shattuck for this speech and I came to the realization that even if I came here for soccer, the things I learned along the way are way more important than playing at the next level. 
  • December 6

    Senior Speeches: Ella Beuning ’19

    This past year, I was lucky enough to go on a medical mission trip to Haiti with my family. During this trip, we worked with IMR, International Medical Relief, to help bring relief and medical treatment to the people of Haiti.
  • December 5

    Harrison Oh ’19 Wins Music Competition

    Harrison Oh ’19 is a cellist in SSM’s Pre-Conservatory Center of Excellence.
  • November 20

    Observing Veterans Day

    Remembering 1912 Shattuck School graduate Walter H. Schulze and his role as the “Peace Messenger” at the end of WW I.
  • November 8

    Senior Speeches: Gabi Tremblay ’19

    Words can’t describe how great of a coach he was. He always knew just what to say. His famous line was “you’re not your golf score.” 
  • November 8

    Senior Speeches: Nate Tipton ’19

    How different would the world be if we treated everyone on the planet as an extension of our own family?
  • November 8

    Senior Speeches: Jason Plude ’19

    The people that we serve are so grateful for the food and supplies that we give them. Mostly though, they are just as happy to have someone to talk to and to have someone ask how they are.
  • November 8

    Senior Speeches: Maddy Fennessy ’19

    No action or event can take the light from your eyes. Only you can give it that power. 
  • November 7

    Senior Speeches: Lukas Spady ’19

    My Paw Paw risked his life and the lives of his family in order to stand up for what he believed in because he truly cared. 
  • November 7

    Senior Speeches: Ally Simpson ’19

    All these individual voices provide the foundation for my unique voice. They serve as reminders for everything I am and everything I aspire to be. 
  • November 5

    Living Together

    Head of School Matt Cavellier reflects
    on Halloween at SSM and the way it symbolizes our shared community.

  • October 31

    SSM Art Invitational

    SSM has been hosting this annual fall event for 14 years.
  • October 30

    BioScience Alum Blogger: Scott Rahn ’14

    ”This past spring, I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Genetics. The BioScience program helped me discover this area of science.”
  • October 30

    BioScience Bloggers: Selina Chen

    ” We used a DNA extraction kit, which is the same protocol people around the world use to extract DNA in the lab.”
  • October 30

    BioScience Bloggers: Kari Chen

    “My family and I pretended like we are all immortal and would never come across death because it is scary. We do not bring up this topic, and we do not even think about this topic. Seeing the heartbreaking stories from Being Mortal made me realize that I need to embrace the fact that we are mortal and stop being scared by it.”
  • October 25

    Senior Speeches: Kaleb Ross ’19

    I learn from my grandma every day. She showed me how to persevere as I watched her battle cancer. 
  • October 25

    Senior Speeches: Dylan Schneider ’19

    So, technically Rory and Tyler are my half brothers. But I have never thought of them that way. They are my brothers. They feel the same way about me.
  • October 25

    Senior Speeches: Ana Dinis-Perez ’19

    Today I feel immensely proud of being Latina, of having African, Spanish, Portuguese and Indian roots, and of having learned to speak such a passionate language as Spanish.
  • October 25

    Senior Speeches: Lonan Bulger ’19

    We’re going to keep our heads up together in honor of this great man.
  • October 25

    Senior Speeches: Julia Park ’19

    Thankfully, I have friends who accept me the way I am. They give me the chance to love myself.
  • October 23

    SSM Families: Meet the Cornish Family

    The sense of community that I felt that morning was palpable and I’ve never forgotten it.  - Michele Cornish
  • October 18

    Exploring Minnesota

    SSM’s 6th and 7th graders learn in Eagle Bluff’s great outdoors.
  • October 15

    We work.

    We work. It’s who we are. It’s in our DNA.
  • October 11

    Senior Speeches: Brooke Volpe ’19

    My time spent with my sisters has been quite the rollercoaster, but I have been taught lessons that I will bring with me throughout my life. 
  • October 4

    BioScience Bloggers: Grace Hong ’19

    ”It was surprising to learn how even a little judgment and assumption can lead to huge inequality and an ethical problem.”
  • October 4

    Senior Speeches: Kate Reilly ’19

    Scott reminded me to have fun and to be excited about what I love. He taught me to push myself and to be passionate.