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Legacy Golf Academy

2024 Legacy Summer Junior Golf Program

Welcome to the Legacy Summer Junior Golf Program, where young golf enthusiasts embark on a journey of skill development, camaraderie, and the joy of the game! Our program is designed to provide a fun and educational experience for participants of all skill levels, fostering a love for golf that will last a lifetime.




Program Overview

Duration: Programming will be on Tuesday's beginning June 11 and end on August 6. No classes July 2. Possible rain make-up date will be August 13.
Time: Pick between two sessions (Session 1 - 8-9:30am OR Session 2 - 10-11:30am)
Age Group: 10-18 years old

What’s Included

Golf lessons for 8 weeks with professional instructors AND a Legacy Youth Golf membership (includes golf fee and range balls valued at $180, before tax).

What Sets Us Apart

Expert Instruction: Our program is led by experienced golf instructors dedicated to nurturing each participant's unique abilities. Whether your child is a beginner or an aspiring junior golfer, our instructors tailor their approach to ensure optimal learning and improvement.
Holistic Development: Beyond swing mechanics, our program emphasizes the development of essential life skills such as patience, perseverance, and teamwork. Golf is not just a sport; it's a character-building experience.
State-of-the-Art Facilities: Participants will have access to top-notch golf facilities, including well-maintained courses and dedicated practice areas. We believe that a great environment enhances the learning experience.


What does each week look like?

Week 1 - Session 1: Introduction to Golf Fundamentals
During this session, participants will be introduced to the basics of golf. The instructor will cover the grip, stance, and posture, emphasizing the importance of a solid foundation for a good swing. The participants will also be introduced to the different types of clubs and their purposes. The session will include short game practice, focusing on chipping and putting. Participants will learn the basic techniques for these shots and practice them under the instructor's guidance.
- Basic grip, stance, and posture
- Introduction to different clubs
- Short game practice (chipping and putting)
Week 2 - Session 2: Full Swing Basics
This session will dive deeper into the mechanics of the full swing. The instructor will demonstrate and explain the key components of a proper swing, including the takeaway, backswing, downswing, and follow-through. Participants will learn how to align themselves to the target and position the ball correctly. They will practice these mechanics with various iron clubs, receiving individual feedback and correction from the instructor to help them develop a consistent and effective swing.
- Proper alignment and ball position
- Introduction to the full swing mechanics
- Iron shots practice
Week 3 - Session 3: Putting and Short Game Skills
The focus of this session will be on improving putting and short game skills. Participants will learn different putting techniques, including grip, stance, and alignment. They will also be introduced to green reading, distance control, and aiming strategies. The instructor will provide guidance on developing a smooth and consistent putting stroke. In addition to putting, participants will practice chipping and pitching. They will learn various techniques for different shot distances and lies. Bunker shots will also be introduced, focusing on proper setup, swing technique, and getting out of the sand successfully.
- Focus on putting techniques and green reading
- Chipping and pitching practice
- Bunker shots introduction
Week 4 - Session 4: Developing Accuracy and Control
During this session, participants will work on developing accuracy and control with their iron shots. The instructor will guide them through accuracy drills, such as hitting targets at different distances. Participants will learn how to control their swing to consistently hit the ball on target. The session will also introduce hybrid and fairway wood shots, allowing participants to explore different clubs and improve their long game. The instructor will provide feedback and tips to help participants refine their accuracy and control.
- Iron shots accuracy drills
- Introduction to hybrid and fairway wood shots
- Target-oriented practice
Week 5 - Session 5: Driving and Distance
In this session, the focus will be on driving and maximizing distance off the tee. Participants will learn the basics of setting up for a driver shot, including grip, stance, and alignment. The instructor will emphasize generating power and speed through a solid swing and efficient transfer of energy. Participants will practice hitting driver shots and receive feedback on their technique and ball flight. The instructor will provide tips and drills to help participants increase their driving distance while maintaining accuracy.
- Introduction to the driver
- Developing a consistent tee shot
- Strategies for increasing distance
Week 6 - Session 6: Specialty Shots
This session will cover specialty shots that players encounter on the golf course. Participants will learn how to handle difficult lies, such as uphill, downhill, and sidehill shots. They will practice adjusting their setup and swing to navigate these challenging situations. The session will also introduce shot shaping, teaching participants how to intentionally fade or draw the ball to navigate obstacles or shape their shots strategically. Additionally, participants will learn how to recover from hazards, including bunkers and rough, to minimize the impact on their score.
- Focus on difficult lies (uphill, downhill, sidehill)
- Shot shaping (fade and draw)
- Trouble shots (recovery from hazards)
Week 7 - Session 7: Course Management and Strategy
During this session, participants will focus on course management and strategic thinking. The instructor will discuss how to analyze a golf course, identify its challenges, and develop a game plan. Participants will learn about club selection, shot placement, and risk-reward decisions. The session will include discussions and scenarios where participants will analyze different situations, such as doglegs, hazards, and varying hole lengths. On-course practice will be incorporated to allow participants to apply their decision-making skills in a real-world setting.
- Understanding course layout and scoring strategies
- Mental game techniques
- On-course practice and decision-making scenarios
Week 8 - Session 8: Review and Skills Challenge
The final session of the program will serve as a review and skills challenge for the participants. The instructor will recap all the skills and concepts covered throughout the program. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their progress and compete in a skills challenge that incorporates different aspects of the game, such as driving accuracy, putting proficiency, and short game skills. The session will conclude with a Q&A session where participants can ask any remaining questions, followed by a closing ceremony to celebrate their achievements.
- Recap of all the skills learned
- Skills challenge incorporating different aspects of the game
- Q&A session and closing ceremony

Join Us for a Summer of Golf Fun!

The Legacy Summer Junior Golf Program is not just about golf; it's about creating lasting memories, forming friendships, and instilling a passion for a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Enroll your child today for a summer filled with golfing adventures and personal growth.

For more information, contact:

Office: (507) 332-7177 x2