Seat Campaign

Click on “Everyone Plays A Role” to learn more about the seat naming campaign for the Thornburg Theater. 

What’s your role?

From the actors, to the stage manager, to the set designer on up to the director, it takes all roles working together to create a successful performance.

Now we invite you to play a role too! Leave your legacy on campus by naming a seat in the Thornburg Theater!

Opportunities to Participate

Directors Club - $7,500

Encore - $5,000

Standing Ovation - $2,500

Curtain Call - $1,500

Applause - $500*


*Appreciation for the arts knows no specific age. However we realize that some of our younger alumni who love the theater would also like to place their name on a seat in the Thornburg Theater. If you graduated in the years including 2005-2015, you can purchase a seat for $500.