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Empowering Differences Promoting Awareness

The SSM EDPA logo

Empowering Differences Promoting Awareness (EDPA) is a primarily student-led organization at Shattuck-St. Mary’s School that examines how we relate to one another and how we can celebrate every kind of person at our School.

We have several affinity groups that have branched off of EDPA, in order to provide students with a community they might not find in other on-campus groups.

All Asian Alliance (AAA) - Ms. Sun

  • All Asian Alliance fosters a welcoming community for SSM’s Asian and Asian American students of different backgrounds. We discuss identity and possible social issues during regular meetings. AAA also strives to hold fun and bonding events as well as celebrate holidays of different countries to strengthen the Asian community at SSM.

Black Student Union (BSU) - Mr. Dilworth

  • The Black Student Union is a group that connects SSM students of African descent. If you identify as black, African American, or a mix of black and another race, you are welcome to the meetings. We talk about the experiences of black students of all backgrounds and how those experiences fit into their time at SSM and beyond.

Jewish Student Alliance - Mr. Schaefer

  • This is a group of SSM students who identify as Jewish or are of Jewish heritage. This is a newly formed group.

Queer Student Alliance (QSA) - Ms. McKiernan

  • QSA is a group open to all LGBTQ+ students in the SSM community. We talk about LGBTQ+ issues and experiences both in and out of SSM, plan fun events, and learn some history.

Spanish and Latinx Student Alliance (SALSA) - Ms. Buckle and Ms. Claypoole

  • SALSA is an affinity group for students that share roots through Spanish language and/or Latinx/Hispanic heritage.

Young Women’s Alliance (YWA) - Ms. Williams

  • Young Women's Alliance is a group for female-identifying and/or non-binary SSM students to build community. We also talk about issues on the SSM campus and in the world that are important to young women.

Some of the projects EDPA has worked on in the past include displays around the School to honor different heritage months or days of significance, an anonymous question jar for students to submit topics for discussion, a video tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., and flyers celebrating other cultures at the lunch tables in the dining hall. In honor of Asian Heritage Month, for example, the flyers explored different aspects of Lunar New Year and the zodiac.

If you would like to get involved in EDPA or one of our affinity groups, please contact Lauren Williams. 

EDPA Photo Gallery

A display for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

A display for Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous Peoples Day 2020

A display for LGBTQ+ solidarity week

A display for LGBTQ+ solidarity week

A display for Black History Month

Black History Month Display

The 2019-2020 EDPA student group

Empowering Differences Promoting Awareness