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Holding on to Past Relationships-Broken Hearts Gallery

Holding on to Past Relationships-Broken Hearts Gallery
Regan Bulger '22

Do you tend to hold on to things? Well, if you do, you’re not alone. The movie The Broken Hearts Gallery is all about holding on to belongings from past relationships. This movie takes a different angle on the original romantic comedy formula. The Broken Hearts Gallery is about Lucy (Geraldine Viswanathan), a 20 year-old art gallery assistant who likes to keep something from every past relationship. Lucy gets fired from her job after getting broken up with by her boyfriend Max (Utkarsh Ambudkar of The Mindy Project). She is hunting for a new job and meets Nick (Dacre Montgomery of Stranger Things) who was supposed to be her Uber driver, but they soon become very close friends. Nick is opening a hotel and helps her with the idea for the gallery. The gallery soon becomes a hit and soon the gallery is filled with all kinds of items that people have kept from past relationships. The gallery is a way of showing people that it’s good to let go of the past and move on, but it is also okay to want to hold on to those things.

The Broken Hearts Gallery was both a feel good movie, but it also got serious at times. The New York Post says, “The film’s worst offense is that it works way too hard for it to be a light watch. The viewing experience is like wondering if you should laugh while a clown struggles to bench-press 600 pounds.”

The movie has a scene where it shows different people bringing their items to be put in the gallery. Lucy put the first item into the gallery which was a tie. The second item was a map and it just kept growing. There was a huge variety of items brought to the gallery. For example one woman brought a leg cast from her ex-boyfriend that she kept for a number of years.


Even though Loryn Shay Charbonnier (‘22, Girls Hockey COE) hasn’t seen the movie, she plans to. She is an avid romantic comedy watcher. “I like it when they keep it funny and lighthearted and I don’t like it when it gets too serious, I like it when they make jokes and have some fun with it.”