Global Summer Academy

The health and safety of our global community is, and remains, our top priority. We want to thank the many who have contacted us over the past several months with your support. Your concerns and your patience have been truly appreciated!
Unfortunately all on-campus Shattuck-St. Mary’s summer 2020 programming has been canceled due to the COVID-19 global health crisis and Minnesota state government restrictions. Please know that this was a very difficult decision to make as our campers, families, and staff are the fabric of the SSM community.  
The Shattuck-St. Mary’s team cares deeply for you, our valued customers.  We look forward to camps next summer with the continued excellence in training, service, and fun that you have come to expect.




BioScience Academy

  • Anatomy and Dissection
  • Students will participate in a focused area of study on the human body, while having the opportunity to engage in hands-on research. 
  • Scientific and Medical English Vocabulary
  • Optional related field trip

Roller Coaster Academy

  • Physics, Engineering, Design, 3D printing
  • Optional field trips may include Valleyfair, Nickelodeon Universe, or similar a destination.

STEM Academy of American Sports

  • Two sports will be studied each week.
  • Physics, Statistics, English Vocabulary
  • Optional workshops to learn how to play or improve your skills
  • Up to six mini-units: ice hockey, baseball, soccer, American football, basketball, golf, and ultimate frisbee
  • Two or three weekly field trips to watch  professional athletics
  • Two or three weekly movie nights to watch classic sports-themed Hollywood movies

English Learning Academy

  • Collaborate with others to write, act, and produce your own short film (or slideshow or photo essay) in English.
  • Study Hollywood movies and American culture in media.
  • Optional field trips to American libraries, history museums, colleges, shops, and the Mall of America
  • Spend a half day learning about the use of drones and copters and the second half of a day learning to fly one on your own.

Elective Classes

These classes will be offered during the normal four class period day.

  • Nutrition – what constitutes a healthy meal? How do you make nutritious choices in the dining hall and at restaurants around the world?
  • Cooking – You will spend two days talking about and preparing an American meal (three or more recipes) that you can recreate at home. You will spend two additional days talking about, shopping for, and preparing a selection of international recipes to share with others from the camp. All students in this class will nominate and vote on which dishes to prepare.
  • Innovation – Maximize your creativity and problem-solving abilities with a view towards design, invention, and entrepreneurship.
  • Visual arts – Options may include: drawing, watercolors, nature crafts, knitting, and how to get the best photos on your phone.
  • Performing arts – Preparing a song, dance, skit or other presentation (in English or instrumental-only) for open mic night.

Afternoon Activity Workshops

These classes will be held in the afternoon between the academic classes and the dinner break. You may select up to two workshops each week. 

  • Sports: You do not have to be enrolled in the STEM Academy of American Sports to elect the sports skills workshops. We will offer futsol (soccer), American football, baseball, ultimate frisbee, golf, and basketball.
  • Nature: Hiking thru the nearby forests in search of wildlife, scenery, and/or fresh air. 
  • Art in Nature: A shorter hike with opportunities to stop and capture sights in photos or sketches. 
  • Walking history and architecture tours: downtown Faribault, historic school buildings, Straight River-railroad-caves, history museum house-cabin-school-church-workshop. 
  • Gardening: Learn about and participate in caring for a nearby landscape garden. 

Evening and Weekend Excursions

  • Tour of local organic, free-range farm
  • Mall of America, WalMart, and/or Premium Outlets for shopping.
  • Also at MOA are Legoland, Nickelodeon Universe amusement park, mini-golf, aquarium
  • Downtown Faribault experience
  • Art museum, make-it and take-it art, shopping, library, community garden
  • Downtown Northfield experience
  • Farmer’s market, Riverwalk art fair, shopping, library, knitting
  • County Fair
  • Aquatic Center – water slides, pool basketball, swimming
  • Concert in the park
  • Downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul experience may include a sculpture garden, art museum, science museum
  • Tour an American college and learn how to apply to American colleges
  • Valley Fair
  • Professional sporting events
  • Movie nights
  • Open mic and/or Karaoke

Graduation Night

There will be a display of the projects from select classes, a presentation of the projects in film and performance, a sample from the cooking class, etc. Each student will be given a certificate and each school or group will have time to take a photo. We will close with an ice cream party.


For more information or to resister, please contact [email protected].