Each Saturday is its own event. Sign up as for as many as you’d like!

Class sizes are limited and the sessions are filling up, so register today!

For inquiries, please email our Program Coordinator, Leah Inman: [email protected]


Ages 8-13    9 a.m.—noon    $15 per Saturday

Upcoming Encounters:

September 22: Rube Goldberg Device

Create chain reactions with dominoes, ping pong balls, and recycled materials to solve challenges like knocking over a cup or closing a door.  Engineering galore! We have lots of stuff to use, and feel free to bring any items you want to incorporate into the challenges.

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October 27: Anatomy Puzzles

Learn about the bones and muscles of the body by putting together a skeleton, looking at how we move, and dissecting a chicken wing.

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November 10: Are you what you eat?

Use science to explore the foods we eat, from the sugar in beverages to calculating calories through the use of fire.

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December 15: Science of Music

Why do some notes sound good together and some sound awful?  How do instruments really make sound? Explore the science behind music with instruments and voice.

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