Parisé Arena Project

J.P. Parisé (middle) with sons Zach '02 and Jordy '01.J.P. Parisé (middle) with sons Zach '02 and Jordy '01.

The Shattuck-St. Mary’s Jean-Paul Parisé Arena Project

During his twelve years at Shattuck-St. Mary’s, Jean-Paul (J.P.) Parisé served as Director of Hockey and Head Coach of the Bantam Tier One team. Under his leadership, the Boys Prep Team won five national titles, the Girls Hockey Program was launched and won three national championships, and a second sheet of ice now referred to as the “New Rink” was constructed as the program continued to grow into the success that it is today.

Beyond those successes, J.P.’s impact on the lives of hundreds of student athletes is remarkable. J.P.’s mantra was a demand that all SSM players be “good citizens.” To do that, a student needed to commit to excellence in all endeavors both on and off the ice, practice diligence in athletic and academic development, be responsible to teammates, classmates, family, and friends and show dedication to achieving one’s goals. Above all, it is J.P.’s unwavering commitment to guiding young people in their journey to adulthood that we wish to honor.

When the “New Rink” was completed, it seemed right that the first three people to skate on the ice were J.P., Jordy ’01 and Zach Parisé ’02. It is the intention of the SSM Board of Trustees to honor J.P. in a most fitting manner by naming the “New Rink” the J.P. Parisé Arena.

SSM’s Board of Trustees is actively working to reach the fundraising goal of $500,000. All funds raised will go not only to the rink itself, but to the enhancement and expansion of the entire Sports Complex. We are offering the opportunity to alumni, parents, and friends whose lives have been touched by J.P. to help us honor him and all that he did for Shattuck-St. Mary’s and for our students. 

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