We play. We innovate. We collaborate. weCreate®!


<a href="http://www.s-sm.org/live/news/528-writing-producing-and-perfecting-a-qampa-with" target="_blank">Q&A with musician Jonah Kagen '18</a>Q&A with musician Jonah Kagen '18

<a href="http://www.s-sm.org/live/news/134-project-shumway" target="_blank">Front row seat for fashion</a>Front row seat for fashion

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<strong><a href="/live/news/506-students-explore-technology-at-coderdojo" target="_blank">Students explore technology at CoderDojo</a></strong>Students explore technology at CoderDojo <strong><a href="/academics/the-major/" target="_blank">The Major students pursue personal passions in weCreate</a></strong>The Major students pursue personal passions in weCreate <strong><a href="/live/news/533-second-deep-dive-highlights-creativity" target="_blank">Faculty members share their artistic experiences during SSM Deep Dives!</a></strong>Faculty members share their artistic experiences during SSM Deep Dives!


What is weCreate®

weCreate® is a space and also a philosophy that stresses creativity, collaboration, and innovation. weCreate® helps our students pursue their individual passions.

Studios include:

Video editing Fashion design
Lighting and animation Architecture
Writing Music recording
Graphic design Performance
E-design Digital photography


No grades. No assignments. Instead, there are opportunities.